Novini, Greg & Terri, AG Missionaries to India

The Novini’s have worked closely with Indian leadership to establish their primary mission which is Women in Focus. They work closely with Mrs. Getzial Mohan who is the All-India General Superintendent's wife. This program has been ground breaking on the district and national level in forming women’s ministries. Women in Focus provides a wide variety of support and training for women in India. All areas that impact women are addressed such as: platforms for rescue, women in at risk homes, a magazine, a media ministry outreach, and training women in ministry to "Neighbors". Currently they are developing training materials on the Sanctity of Life. They have a lot of issues they are addressing that are critical in the growth and discipleship of the church leadership. Visa situations can be sensitive in India, luckily God has provided opportunities and avenues that have allowed the Novini’s a 10 year business visa.  They are truly working to touch and bless the lives of women with the gospel across southern Asia.