Godwin, Kerry & Denise, AG Missionaries to Europe
Email: kerry.godwin@agmd.org
Blog: http://www.godwinsinmedia.com/Home.html

The Godwin’s are currently in Madrid, Spain sharing their passion by creating media. They are an integral part of International Media Ministries. International Media Ministries is a ‘script to screen’ production group creating, developing and producing media content for missionaries, national churches, ministries and broadcast partners around the world. At its core, it is a group of creative storytellers telling The Story that changes lives.  Their media is always crafted with the goal of communicating the gospel, biblical truth and relevant issues so that audiences can encounter God, see His plan, and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  In Spain there is a general hostility to religion because of prior enforced religion. With layers of religion in their society the people have become jaded and even hostile towards it. Good news,  in that there is a distributor that has decided to help release a film that was shot last year into secular cinemas in Spain and other parts of Europe!