Heiney, Gary & Patty, AG Missionaries to Venezuela
Email: gary.heiney@agmd.org
Blog: www.thevenezuelareport.com

Venezuela is experiencing a season of growth in its churches. Gary and Patty are involved widely in Caracas. They help with church planting, youth ministry, media, and compassion ministries. They purchased over 100 acres which is in the process of being developed into a children's home for homeless and abandoned children. This project is called Samuel’s House. They are continuing to build more structures to complete the property. All this is happening while Samuel’s House is currently housing homeless and abandoned children. They are always looking for working volunteers to come for short and long term stays to help bring this dream to life. Caracas is a city of approximately 6 million people of which 5000 are children under the age of nine who live on the streets. This ministry is determined and compelled to help reach these children and give them a life filled with love.