Below are a list of missionaries and ministries that we support financially and through prayer. Please continue to support both in prayer and financially those who are on the field both here and abroad. Their lives are on the line for the sake of the gospel and we want to do all we can to be the support net needed to further His kingdom!

If you would like to give financially above and beyond your tithes and offerings to the local church, please click here.

Damron, David & Elaine
AG World Missionaries
David is a missionary architect who has done the work and architectural drawings for many ... more

Elliott, John & Dawn
AG Missionaries to Zambia
God has placed the Elliott's in Zambia to assist in the training of pastors and church ... more

Godwin, Kerry & Denise
AG Missionaries to Europe
The Godwin’s are currently in Madrid, Spain sharing their passion by creating media. ... more

Heiney, Gary & Patty
AG Missionaries to Venezuela
Venezuela is experiencing a season of growth in its churches. Gary and Patty are involved ... more

Linneweh, Kent & Leslie
AG Missionaries to the Netherlands
The Linneweh’s planted a church in early 2010 in Maastricht, which is in the southern ... more

Marroquin, Roberto & Carla
AG International Missionaries
The Marroquin’s have been in missions work in different facets for many years. They ... more

Mayes, Frank & Lois
AG International Missionaries
Frank and Lois have been International Missionaries since 1985. They have served as church ... more

Robinson, Paul & Kristi
AG Missionaries to Colombia
The Robinson's have been called to a mission in Colombia. Their mission is to the Law ... more

Ward, Everett & Carolyn
AG Missionaries to Latin America
Latin America Caribbean Library Services (LACLS) was born out of the need, and desire, to ... more